Culture through movement

Mission Statement

The goal of the Capoeira Arts Foundation (CAF) - Tax ID: 94-2853995 is to create awareness of the depth and breadth of the African-Brazilian experience, with a strong focus on Capoeira, a rich hybrid fight-like dance, dance-like fight, ritual, and way of life. To achieve its mission, CAF teaches Capoeira and other related traditional art forms; presents artistic, social, and cultural events that aim to strengthen the community; publishes written works; produces musical recordings and documentary films. This diverse body of work supports the human and aesthetic values of our culture rich community. CAF welcomes similar organizations and individuals to participate in an ongoing dialogue of ideas and to develop collaborative projects that challenge and bring out the best in all of us.

Thank you to our generous community sponsors, including the City of Berkeley Civic Arts Commission

and our students and friends.